” We believe that our interiors makes a home crafted by an inspiration.

After two decades spent seeking wisdom and knowledge from the world in the
places where we have worked and lived, we have now settled in Singapore.


For us, it is the best place to live. It is here that we are able to blend
the knowledge of Eastern and Western wisdom – with skilled and creative
collaborators. ” // S. Chen + J. Choi


The Chen + Choi team is an Interior Architecture Design studio.  When an
idea is created and finely crafted by our studio, the outcome is consistent,
considered and sophisticated; a design that has been tailored to suit.


Our interiors reflect the desires of our clients and how they want to live; they
can be casual and comfortable yet highly refined, with a sense of space that
immediately puts one at ease. Throughout our residential and commercial
spaces, we use natural palettes and materials to create a canvas on which
our clients can express their personality. The texture and colour of the objects, the furniture and the artwork inside our spaces and residences completes the story.


CHEN + CHOI hand select objects and art for interiors which are truly
beautiful and will be valued by those who own them.